Remembrance Sunday 2015

Sunday 8th November will see the annual Remembrance Service at the Cathedral War Memorial. It is the most important occasion in the 12th Winchester calendar and one that we are privileged to attend thanks to our long-standing links with the Green Jackets and Rifles Brigade.

We very much hope that all Beavers, Cubs and Scouts will be able to attend. Please ensure full uniform is worn, shoes are carefully polished, hair is neat and neckers ironed. (And don’t forget to wear something warm underneath the uniform as we will be outside for the duration of the service.)

Meet at the KRRC Memorial outside the Cathedral at 0900hrs. The service takes place  at 0910hrs and should be finished by 0930hrs.

Beaver Scouts do crate stacking!

‘The courage of those Beavers was nothing short of impressive’


The Beavers welcomed the start of the new scouting term with a series of evenings up at Pinsent. The highlight of these was undoubtedly crate stacking. Under a threatening early evening sky, the Beavers were harnessed and helmeted before, three at a time, testing their balance and their nerve in front of their friends.

Essentially, crate stacking is the act of placing one crate on top of another while a climber remains on the topmost crate without overbalancing and falling off. Obviously, our Beavers were secured safely, via their harnesses, to an overhead rope but nonetheless this was an exercise that required confidence in bucket-loads. However they all did themselves – and each other – proud. Everyone had a go and there were some extremely impressive crate stacks. Obviously, falling off them, or kicking them over, was half of the fun.

With many thanks from the Beavers to all the adults who made this exercise possible!