At Cubs, we offer an opportunity for your child to develop new skills and confidence, to try new things and to develop as a person.

Cubs make a promise when they are invested to do their best, and we encourage them to do this by giving them responsibility and challenge them meet our expectations. By the time Cubs leave us they are prepared to take on individual responsibility for themselves and their kit. The challenge of Scouts awaits!


24/04/2019Week 1: DIY Swimming up of new cubs Investing new cubs Diy evening making the wildlife homes from chosen designs
01/05/2019Week 2: river park gamesevening of wide games held at the river park field drop off and pick up at river park meeting at the bridge
08/05/2019Week 3: Den Buildingmeeting at Hawthron car park Farley mount for a evening of den building pick up and drop off at Farley mount hawthorn car park
15/05/2019Week 4: Finishing offwe will be finishing off some badge work on road safety and Diy Badge awarding
22/05/2019Week 5: walk on the wild sideevening stroll along the nature reserve Winnall moors pick up/ drop off place tbc
05/06/2019Week 6: Over the hillsHike from Badgers farm to St Giles Hill Winnall drop off at badgers farm Sainsburys car park pick up at St Giles Hill Winnall
12/06/2019Week 7: cub leaders and investingevening of cub lead wide games and investing of 7 new cubs parents welcome to come at 7:45
19/06/2019Week 8: wide gamesmaking and cooking a simple dough twist on a stick over a fire
26/06/2019Week 9: twists Cooking ova a fire
01/07/2019Week 11: district athletics bar end athletes
03/07/2019Week 10: young leaders evening
17/07/2019Week 12: fire and water dont mixWater fight get those guns ready We would like to welcome all parents and sibling to join us for a campfire and songs evening meeting at Pinsent campsite