At Cubs, we offer an opportunity for your child to develop new skills and confidence, to try new things and to develop as a person.

Cubs make a promise when they are invested to do their best, and we encourage them to do this by giving them responsibility and challenge them meet our expectations. By the time Cubs leave us they are prepared to take on individual responsibility for themselves and their kit. The challenge of Scouts awaits!


18/04/2018Table Maze and Disabilty AwarenessLearning about Disabilities
25/04/2018Making SlimeMaking Slime with PVA glue and some secret ingredients
09/05/2018Cycling skills?
16/05/2018cycling fun
23/05/2018Local services
30/05/2018HALF TERM
06/06/2018teamworking practiceTBC teamworking to make bridge with spaghetti and marshmallows in readiness for camp
15/06/2018District CampFriday to Sunday
20/06/2018working together
27/06/2018Wide games and water
02/07/2018District Athletics Competition
12/07/2018Firestarter, twisted firestarterWide game Camp fire Campfire songs investing badges
18/07/2018Walk a linePossibly Winnall Moors start? Hiking and taking in nature.